462 Sold Churchill Centenary Medals 1874 - 1974 - John Pinches - Presentation Edition

A Stunning collection of 24 Medals commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Birth of Sir Winston Churchill from John Pinches (Medallists) Ltd 1973. This is the Presentation numbered Edition in Silver Gilt. Each medal is crown size (39 mm diameter) and depicts key events in Churchill's life and career. The reverse of each medal is similar in having a cameo portrait of Churchill at the top, a wreath of oak leaves, acorns and rope around the perimeter, two flags below and the words "Churchill Centenary Trust" below. In the centre of each medallion is a quotation by Churchill relevant to its subject. The medals come in their faux leather bound official album with 4 medal pages which each hold 6 medals and a detailed page transcript describing each medal event.

Album Height 12" (30.5cm) Width 9" (23cm)  Item Sold



1 Born at Blenheim Palace 30th November 1874  

  2 Schooldays at Harrow 1888 

  3 Battle of Omdurman 2nd September 1898 

4 Escape from the Boers 12th December 1899 

  5 Elected MP for Oldham 1st October 1900 

6 Marriage to Clementine Hozier 12th September 1908 

7 The Siege of Sydney Street 3rd January 1911 

8 Mobilisation of the Fleet 30th July 1914 

9 Development of the Tank World War I 

  10 In the Trenches World War I

  11 Victory Parade 1918

  12 Writing at Chartwell 1898 

  13 Winston Churchill Painting 1914 

  14 Famous Speeches World War II

  15 The Battle of Britain September 1940

  16 The Blitz 7th September 1940 

17 Addressing U.S. Congress 26th December 1941 

  18 D-Day 6th June 1944

  19 Three Power Conference at Yalta February 1945

  20 VE Day 8th May 1945

21 Congress of Europe at The Hague 7th May 1948 

22 Knight of the Garter 14th June 1953 

23 Honorary Citizen USA 9th April 1963  

24 Funeral Cortege 30th January 1965