468 Sold Demétre Chiparus (1886 – 1947) - Art Deco - Lady with Flowers

 Rare Art Deco Sculpture by Demétre Chiparus (1886-1947). This romantic and large piece from one of the Art Deco's most famus sculptors is a masterpiece of his work. In Metal and Ivoreen and on a marble base it makes for a large and strking view in my Gallery Window. It is signed and this is an original piece from Chiparus. Demétre Chiparus, born as Dumitru Haralamb Chipăruș in Dorohoi, Romania, was the son of Haralamb and Saveta Chiparus. In 1909 he went to Italy, where he attended the classes of Italian sculptor Raffaello Romanelli. In 1912 he traveled to Paris to attend the École des Beaux Arts to pursue his art at the classes of Antonin Mercie and Jean Boucher. Demétre Chiparus died in 1947, suffering a stroke on returning from studying animals at the zoo in Vincennes. He was buried in Bagneux Cemetery, just south of Paris.Condition is excellent.

Total Height 17" (43cm) Base Width 10" (25cm) Depth 6.25 (15.5cm)   Item Sold