472 Sold Rare Ugo Cipriani Figural Art Deco Sculpture Circa 1930 Italian

This is a large and stunning Art Deco Figural Art Deco Sculpture by Ugo Cipriani 'Lady with Dog' of Italy. It is signed and this one dates to Circa 1930 when Cipriani was still in Italy. Cipriani moved to France in 1935 (escaping the Mussolini regime) and died in Paris in 1960. He was the son of a sculptor, he studied at the famous Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. In Florence, we can still see one of his most famous works, a bust of the patriot Guglielmo Oberdan (1919), in the place named after him (Piazza Oberdan). He produced many fine art deco style statuary items in various media, including bronze, spelter and terra-cotta. This one is Metal and Ivoreen on a marble base. His works are quite sought after and this one is large so shipping would be expensive.

 Height 9.5" (24cm) Width 23" (58cm) Depth 7.5" (18.5cm)    Item Sold