501 Sold Museum Quality Irish Killarney Rare Antique Flip Top Table Circa 1870

Killarneyware  Table Circa 1870 - Museum Quality  This piece of Irish History is truly Stunning and in some expert opinions, the best piece of Killarney Furniture currently for Sale. It was made in Co Kerry Ireland in the late 19th Century. It is constructed from Arbutus and Yew Wood and the four celtic Harps representing the Four Iriish Provinces - What a Find with 2016 here - 100 years of Irish Statehood depicted in one piece of Irish furniture. The Table is in full original condition and was recently Cleaned and Waxed by our restoration experts. When it comes to a beautiful piece of Irish Furniture and also an investment item these pieces of Killarney are perfect, especially when they are as detailed as this one. There is international interest in this piece and Shipping would be Circa 1500 Euro
Height 27" (69cm) Diam 28.25" (71.5cm)  Item Sold