509 Sold Beautiful Bronze of French Bulldog and Pups - Circa 1890 - Humidor

Maybe the most Beautiful Humidor on the Planet and it is easy to imagine W Churchill storing his cigars in this. This Bronze Bulldog with 2 Pups and saucer has resided for the last 25 years in a fine Georgian Property in the UK. I was asked to come and view and it was very easy to decide to purchase it. This superb Bronze comes from France, attributed to Prosper Lecourtier and with this amazing piece we have a convergence of Master craftsmanship, Classic detailing and super understanding by the sculptor of his subject. The Mothers head opens to Store Tobacco and the Pups I would assume was for matches. This French Bulldog, currently in my Gallery Window and everyone stops to view this glorious and appealing Bronze. Many Famous People own 'frenchies' Di Caprio, Snoop Dog, Lady Gaga to mention a few. frenchbulldogclubofengland.co.uk fbdca.org  facebook.com/FrenchBulldogSociety Width 12" (30.5cm) Height 12" (30.5cm) Depth 9.5" (24cm) Item Sold