568 Sold Abraham Hulk (Dutch, 1813-1897) Off the Dutch Coast - Oil on Canvas

This Painting by the famed Dutch Artist, Abraham Hulk (1813-1897) presents coastal craft in fine depiction. Hulk is of course particularly famed for his focus on atmospheric effects and lighting. The sun holds the starring role, yet hides in the cumulus cloud cover, glowing the edges and reflecting on the surface of the salt water. The water glistens, the closer ships hold more shadow and wood-tone coloration, while the distance causes the others to lighten and fade. This is a superb painting and in the original gilt frame. Signed lower right.

Frame dimensions W -23.5" (59.5cm)  H -7.5" (44CM) Painting 16.5" (42cm) 10.5" (27cm) Item Sold