592 Sold The Knights of Glin: Seven Centuries of Change 2009 Editor Tom Donovan



Rare Book - The Knights of Glin: Seven Centuries of Change, . Glin, County Limerick: Glin Historical Society, 2009. Hardcover, Chocolate brown cloth, gilt letters on spine, olive and color illus. dust jacket, 464 pp., many color & BW illustrations, weighs 6.5 lbs. VG Slight were to DJ.
ISBN: 9780953037339. Comprising a collection of 19 thematic and illustrated essays, all dealing with the historic family who centered in Glin, County Limerick, Ireland. "This lavishly illustrated chronicle of the FitzGerald family traces their origins from the Norman Invasion to the present day. The Knights of Glin gained control of a large hinterland along the southern bank of the Shannon Estuary, initially as vassals to the Earl of Desmond, and later managed to maintain an ever reducing presence there. This is a fascinating story of a family which evolved in a constantly changing environment from Norman to Gaelic and finally to Anglo-Irish lifestyle, in order to ensure its survival. The interdisciplinary approach of various contributors crosses boundaries of local history, big houses and Gaelic studies. The book covers such a diverse range of subjects as farmers and fishing, architecture and interior design, lunacy and gossip. From sieges to scandals, death to survival, truth is proved stranger than fiction."

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