611 Sold Rare and Superb Vintage Engraving - The Shield of Nature - John Leighton

This is a Framed Engraving of The Shield of Nature by John Leighton. Superbly framed and amazing detail. This elaborately illuminated work is designed into 24 compartments. The Circle of The Seasons and The Circle of Human Life. The centre is Apollo in the blazing chariot of the Sun drawn by the four horses, Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night. Each Horse, Morn is Attended by Genial Spring and Winter glides beside sable steed of Night. The centre is divided by the emblem of eternity from the twelve months in graduated colours from hot July to dull and dark December. The descriptions are by the poet Spenser and these are divided by the fruits and flowers of the Year with Zodical signs also added. The larger compartments portray the progress of vegetation and the life and passions of Man. The original of this was four feet in diameter and was mounted on a stand so it could revolve. This is a rare engraving and makes for s striking view that will entice the onlooker to learn more by reading the detail.

Frame Height 23.5" (60cm) Width 23.5" (60cm) Diam of Image 15" (39cm)    Item Sold