648 Sold Very Rare Set of 12 Miniature Japanese Noh Masks - Edo Period

This is a very rare set of Framed 'Okina' Noh Masks from the Edo period of Japan (1615 – 1868). They are Hand carved, gesso coated wood. Hand painted faces with natural hair and glass eyes. The masks, are for this type of manufacture in very good condition with only very few losses and chips. These are very rare and a set of 12 framed may be unique. Noh Theatre or Nohgaku is one of the World's most ancient stage traditions and is still acted today. Noh Theatre is known for the elaborate use of wooden masks and the actors are known as 'Nohmen'. Noh performance combines supernatural elements with ancient Buddist philosophies and express them through music and dance. The set are framed in a glass fronted box frame which fortunately have protected them over the years.

Head Dimensions approx Height 2.5" (6cm) Width 2" (5cm) Frame Width 25" (64cm) Height 16" (41cm)   Item Sold