689 Sold Large French Bronze of the Borghese Gladiator - Ferdinand Barbedienne

This is a suoerb example of The Borghese Bronze. Dating to the late 19th Century and in excellent condition and sporting a deep rich Patina. The Bronze was cast be the famed Ferdinand Barbedienne foundry in Paris and is stamped. This is a large version of this bronze and an elegant piece of sculpture it is. The piece stands on an integral plinth and bears the foundry stamp 'F BARBEDIENNE FONDEUR'

Height 27" (68cm) Base, Length 17.75" (45cm) Base Depth 10.5 (27cm)  Item Sold

 The original Borghese Gladiator is a Hellenistic life-size marble sculpture portraying a swordsman, created at Ephesus about 100 BC, now on display at the Louvre. Foundry - Ferdinand Barbedienne, (1810-92) is mostly known for his bronze foundry, which he owned with Achille Collas in 1839 who had invented a method for mechanical size reduction of larger sculptures.