715 Sold Four American Presidents from Wedgwood in Basalt

This is a very interesting set of 4 Boxed Busts by Wedgwood of American Presidents all complete with original Boxes and Certificates. They are all in original condition and it is rare to get the set of 4. Each Box also contains information leaflet on the President giving a brief history of their life. 

The Presidents are

  • George Washington - Number 150 (2000)
  • Abraham Lincoln - Number 99 (2000) 
  • John F. Kennedy - Number 82 (2000)
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower - Number 1074 (5000)

Bust Heights 8.5" (22cm)   Item Sold


Black Basalt : Black Basalt was the first ornamental ware to be developed by Josiah Wedgwood in 1768. The fine grain, rich colour and smooth texture was quickly appreciated and 1773 Wedgwood wrote 'The Blavk Basalt is Sterling and will last forever'. His predictions were correct and it has been in continuous use for over 2 centuries.