741 Sold Rare 1932 Replogle Globe, Standard Globe with Bespoke Stand and Atlas

This is a Rare 1932 Replogle Globe, Standard Globe, Hand Made in Chicago, Illinois. The globe is on a bespoke stand which contains a Rand McNally Readers edition Atlas which dates to 1943. The globe is in good condition considering its age and the fact that it was hand made. Replogle was founded in 1930. The company is named after founder Luther I. Replogle who believed that every home should have a globe. Luther and his wife Elizabeth started the company in their apartment. After a difficult start due to the Great Depression, the new company’s first big break came when the eminent Chicago retailer, Marshall Field and Company selected Replogle to produce a globe for the Chicago Century of Progress World’s Fair in 1933. This is a really wonderful gift and will not last long at my Gallery.

Height 17" (43cm) Width 14" (36cm)  Depth 12" (30cm)  Item Sold