774 Sold Daniel Van der Putten - Tullyleague, Co. Roscommon - Oil Painting on Panel

 This beautiful Painting by Daniel Van der Putten is a wonderful scene from Roscommon in The West Of Ireland, Oil on Board. 'Cottage in Winter, Co. Roscommon' is a truly majestic painting capturing the beauty of one of Ireland's most beautiful rural locations. Van der Putten is Dutch born but resides and paints in the UK. Exhibited only in the finest Galleries, it is a great honour to have this Van Der Putten in my Gallery. This Painting  shows how Van der Putten's majestic brush work captures with consummate finesse this peaceful and beautiful Winter in lovely rural Co. Roscommon, Tullyleague. This may seem topical with the Beast from the East just having past but this scene was captured in 2010. The perfect gift for that Roscommon native living abroad to remind them of home.

Height 11" (28cm) Width 14" (35.5cm)  Item Sold