792 Sold Mildred Anne Butler - The Garden Thomstown Kilkenny - Watercolour

 This Painting by Mildred A Butler (1858-1941) shows two domestic servants and a young child in a mature garden collecting flowers. The scene is dominated by splashes of colour in the foreground suggesting a profusion of flowers, with lilacs, reds, off whites among the many colours used.  Trees in the middle distance and background with their heavy canopies frame the upper register of the composition. This watercolour dates to post 1910 and shows the influence of Impressionism. The Kilkenny born artist, who studied at the Westminster School of Art and with Frank Calderon the animal painter, visited Newlyn in Cornwall where she came under the influence of Norman Garstin who was personally acquainted with the French Impressionists. These same influences are evident in her mature work after 1910. The Provenance is from The Estate of Christopher and Rosemary Warren - The Warrens collected a superb body of works over their lifetimes and it is no surprise to find one of M. A. Butler's most finest pieces in their collection. My Gallery over the years has sold many of Mildred A Butler most beautiful painting's but this one is superb and described by an expert on Butler as 'one of her best'.

Image Dimensions Height 7" (18cm) Width 13" (33cm)  Item Sold