872 Sold Superb Luxury Chess Set - Bronze Gold and Silver - Italian - Napoleon


This is a spectacular Chess Board and pieces made in Italy and depicting Napoleon versus Dimitry. This unique Chess Set, made in Bronze by lost wax process technique, finished using Real Gold 24 Karat. Each piece is signed by the Sculptor. The Chess Board is made in Onyx and Bronze with a frame in bronze and real gold. Promoted to brigadier general in 1794,Napoleon was crowned Emperor and King of the French in 1804, also assuming the title, the following year, of King of Italy. Coalitions against Napoleon began to be numerous: concern about the growing French power grew more and more. However, the "Russian Campaign" was disastrous due to the tenacity of the Tsar, which succeeded in making Napoleon's allies converge on Paris: he was forced to abdicate, renouncing for himself and his children the thrones of France and of Italy and to accept exile on the Island of Elba. However, this prodigious star did not end his days here, but in Sant ‘Elena, where he was exiled and deported, after having tried, in vain, to put his strength and his fame, which has now definitively waned, into play. This is a truly magnificent Chess Set and what a gift for the chess player 'with everthing'.

King Height 4.25" (11cm) - Chessboard Width and Depth 24" (61cm) Board Height 4.25" (11cm)

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