919 Sold 'History of the American West' Complete Franklin Coin Set

 This is a wonderful complete and rare set of 'History of the American West' Coins produced in the 1970's. The Coins which are all in their original cases come complete with original envelopes bearing the stamps and description cards. They have themes relating to Linking of the East and West, Law and Lawlessness, Conflicts and Uprisings and of course, Striking it Rich. The post marks on the envelopes relate to the coin and this complete set collected by a lady from Dublin who moved to the states at the age of 15 is a lovely piece of history. Each coin is 39mm and weight 33/34 grams of Sterling Silver with Gold Gilt Plating.

Album Height 9 (23cm) Width 10" (26cm) Depth 3" (7.5cm) Item Sold