920 Sold The Road to Lissenhall - Co Laois, Ireland - Daniel Van der Putten - Oil on Board


'The Road to Lissenhall" The Genius of Van Der Putten in Co. Laois, Ireland. This is a beautiful serene Painting of a wonderful Irish Rural scene. Daniel captures this rustic scene with amazing detail and the combination of Ireland's rich countryside and neighbours chatting makes for a magical Painting. Van Der Putten who is Dutch born but resides and paints in the UK. Exhibited only in the finest Galleries, it is a great honour to have a Van Der Putten in my Gallery and to have this Painting of Co. Laois by Van Der Putten is a very rare honour. Van der Putten's majestic brush work captures with consummate finesse the Magic of this Peaceful Scene.

Width 13" (30.5cm) Height 15.5" (26cm) Item Sold