923 Sold Daniel Van der Putten - Spring Wedding, Syddan Church, Meath - Oil Painting on Panel


This beautiful Painting by Daniel Van der Putten is a wonderful serene rural Irish scene. Van der Putten is Dutch born but resides and paints in the UK. Exhibited only in the finest Galleries, it is a great honour to have a Van Der Putten in my Gallery. This Painting 'Spring Wedding, Syddan Church, Co . Meath' shows how Van der Putten's majestic brush work captures with consummate finesse this peacful rural scene in the stunning Irish Countryside. This famous Church designed by JF Fuller was built in 1881 and is truly one of the most beautiful in Ireland and Van der Putten's depiction really captures the tranquil feel of this lovely area of Ireland.

 Painting Dimensions Height 14" (36cm) Width 18" (46cm)  Item Sold