931 Sold 16 Lithographs by A J Nystrom, Chicago - Science Charts - Rare Complete Collection

Complete set of Science Charts by A. J. Nystrom & Company of Chicago. Consisting of 16 double-sided charts which originally was a flip chart and each page is heavily illustrated with a different science lesson for classroom instruction. The authors of this Science Chart series are: Ira C. Davis, Professor in The Teaching of Science, University of Wisconsin, and Head of the Science Department, University of Wisconsin High School, and Leroy E. Smith, Head of the Science Department, South High School, Omaha, Nebraska. I randomly choose some charts to photograph but all are superby detailed and very informative. The condition varies as one would expect from a a set of charts of this size with daily use but overall some are good and others only fair but these charts helped educate  the classroom kids of the USA in the 1950's.

Full Chart Size Width 50" (127cm) Height 37" (94cm) Item Sold