933 'Birds Eye view of Dublin' - 1846 - The Illustrated London News - Framed Print

This large and spectacular detailed illustration of the skyline of the Irish Capital, Dublin, in 1846 was produced in The Illustrated London News and the detail is really superb. It was cleaned and adapted to resemble the day it was a crisp black ink print fresh off the presses. The detail is truly astonishing and invites the observer to lose themselves within this 40 inch panorama of 19th century Dublin. The Detail of the Stephens Green area, College Green and Trinity is magnificent. Please note the dimensions - This is a large image and would make for a major talking point in your home or business.

Frame Dimensions Width 52" (132cm) Height 25.75" (65.5cm)

Image Dimensions Width 40" (102cm) Height 15" (38cm)

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