949 Sold Rare Pair of Chinese Han Dynasty Horse Head Mingqi - Circa 2000 Years Old

These are definitely the oldest items at my Gallery. Ancient pair of Chinese moulded terracotta horse heads dating to the Han Dynasty in China Circa 206 BC-220 AD. The head would have been originally part of a complete horse, modelled in sections. The horse is presented in an extremely naturalistic stance, with its mouth slightly agape. The piece displays traces of the original white pigment, which would have been applied to the surface after firing. In Ancient China, terracotta statuettes of animals and human figures, known as mingqi, would have been placed in the deceased’s tomb to ensure companionship and service in the after life. Horses are one of the most powerful symbols in Chinese folklore, being linked to the pure male strength, known as Yang. Horses were also symbol of speed, perseverance, imagination and youthful energy, and they appear to be the most represented subject in the art of imperial China. During the Han Dynasty especially, horses were treated with great esteem, being considered as the foundation of Chinese military power and an important resource for the Chinese state. One of the main reasons behind the promotion of the opening of a commercial route, which will be later knows as Silk Road, was the desire of Han emperors to acquire bigger and sturdier horses.

Height 6" (13cm) Width 6" (13cm) Item Sold