951 Sold Superb Pair of French Mahogany Side Cabinets - Circa 1900

This Pair of stunning French Mahogany Cabinets are super pieces of furniture. The Mahogany Patina is rich and deep and the design detail would suggest a master furniture maker. They date to Circa 1900 and are in great Condition. They Mahogany flat top with half moon corners houses a writing slide and is above a frieze drawer, full door cabinet all above a lower drawer and raised on the original castors.The design details which are subtle are very difficult to constuct with the required precision and these pieces are design detail packed and yet the masterful construction means that we hardly notice them with the fluidity of the finished cabinets.  

Height 33" (84cm) Width 18" (46cm) Depth 18" (46cm)  Item Sold