976 Sold Pair Bronze Sculptures - Demosthenes and Sophocles - Late 19th Century French

Superb Pair of Bronze Sculptures - French Barbedienne Foundry - Late 19th Century. These are a superb pair of finely cast Grand Tour French Sculptures of Sophocles and Demosthenes. They are of a large size and in great condition. 

Sophocles was an ancient Greek tragedian, known as one of three from whom at least one play has survived in full. His first plays were written later than, or contemporary with, those of Aeschylus; and earlier than, or contemporary with, those of Euripides. 

Demosthenes was a Greek statesman and orator in ancient Athens. His orations constitute a significant expression of contemporary Athenian intellectual prowess and provide insight into the politics and culture of ancient Greece during the 4th century

These have great definition and super Patina

Height Sopholes (taller bronze) 17" (43cm)  Item Sold