013 Sold Set of 4 Lawn Bowls by Taylor Rolph in original Box - English 1968


This is complete set of 4 old Lawn Bowl made from Lignum Vitae and still in their original box. They still have the makers Box from the famed Bowl making company, Taylor Rolph which produced very high quality Bowls. These Bowls are all stamped by the BIBC (British Isles Bowls Club)and the Thomas Taylor Mark. It also has the Official Bowling association Stamp. It is very heavy (Lignum Vitae is a dense wood) and is initialled for the owner with RAD. It is rare to know exacly the Initials but in this case we know that Mr. R. A. Dust (Hitchin UK) had these bowls made in 1968 and from their conditioon, they were not used too much.

5" (13cm)  Diam of each bowl      Item Sold