127 Sold Set of 8 Cartoons from Ireland's Eye 1874-1876 by Spex - Framed

These are a rare set from 1874-1876 - They are 8 Cartoons from the original publications of Ireland's Eye which were published during 1874  -1876 and all done by Spex. Spex was a pseudonym for John Fergus O'Hea a Corkman who had done work for some other famous publcations in Ireland and England such as 'Zozimus' and 'Tomahawk'. O'Hea was active in the Young Ireland movement and was secretary to Daniel O'Connell. He studied in Cork and started his creative work by painting banners for Cork Parades in the 1860's.This set which are all framed feature cartoons of famous people of the time and are rare. William Wilde the famous Surgeon and founder of the Eye and Ear Hospital is very notable (Father of Oscar Wilde !) Wilde was also very Theatrical and erudite and owned No. 1 Merrion Square. A Ward of Hunting fame is featured riding a Stag. The other i need to do some research on and any information would be welcome - Thanks. Some have some nibbles and marks but bearing in mind there age and paper quality - They are in pretty good shape (all under glass).

Image Size Height 12" (30.5cm) Width 7.5 (19cm)  Item Sold