334 Sold Two Volumns - Grand Tour Pictorial Collection - Ellen Drury of St Louis Missouri 1882

This Pair of Picture Albums were created by Ellen F Drury in 1882/1883 after there Grand Tour of Europe. The collection of over 280 Pictures are spectacular and chronicle the visit of The Drury Family as they travelled through Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and The UK. The album remarkably contains a photograph from Villa Marguerite, the home of The Famed Spaulding family who were famous as Jewellers in Chicago and Paris where they were jewellers to the Rich and Royals throughout Europe. This very rare image also features Robert Lincoln (son of Abraham Lincoln) and F Bartholdi (sculptor of The Satue of Liberty see final picture).The Visit may have also resulted in the meeting of Ella Drury and Russell Spaulding who later would be married in 1891 in St Louis, MO and they would reside at Astor Street, Chicago. The Albums were beautifully created and would suggest that The Drury Family were people of considerable means well prior to there famaily connection to The Spaulding family of Chicago. The overall condition is fair but the pictures are nearly all intact with several manually coloured. If you have any extra information on The Drury Family from St Louis I would appreciate any extra information. This is a really rare item and should be in a Museum. It would be of particular interest to either The Drury family descendents or indeed the Spaulding Family. The Perfect home for this pictorial archive is The Missouri History Museum or similar.

Each Volumn is High 14" (36cm) Width 12" (30.5cm) Item Sold