617 Sold Superb Italian Puzzle Box - Sorrento Italy - Circa 1880

This is a fine example of the famed Puzzle Boxes made in The Sorrento area of Italy in the late 19th Century. This one is typical of the Boxes produced at hat time. It is made from Olive wood and Walnut and depicts a row of books on a shelf. The Marine themed lid opens to reveal a storage area. They are always popular and this is a large one. The earlier puzzle boxes made in the late 19th Century tend to be the better craftsmanship with finer inlay and tessellation.

Height 4.5" (11.5cm) Depth 4.5" (11.5cm) Width 8.5" (22cm)   Item Sold 

To Open

Slide the lower front spine to the left.

  1. Slide the lower right panel forward to open the base compartment.
  2. Tip the key out of the base.
  3. Slide the main body of the box forward over the base book.
  4. Lower the central spine to reveal the keyhole.
  5. Unlock the box with the key. (The lock is usually a typical cheap double throw lock and must the turned anti-clockwise twice.)
  6. Open the lid.